Hello everyone! Welcome to our new blog!

We are excited that you’re following microMansions and have been extremely appreciative of your support as we get the first community up and running. Speaking of which, if you have subscribed to our email list on our website, you’ll be the first to know when the houses are released for sale! If you haven’t signed up yet, now’s the time! Visit us at: www.micromansionsdesign.com.

First and foremost, we want this blog to be valuable to you. We will be posting content about the homes, tips and tricks to travel and live a simple life, microMansions happenings, Where’s Brady? and more. But most importantly, we want to be right alongside your journey with your microMansions. We hope to compile inspiring information from ourselves and others on minimalistic living, less is more, stressing less, and creating your own happiness.

Just a little background on us…

I’m Abby! I’m an interior designer, pet-lover, minimalist, tiny house enthusiast, musician, farm and Christian girl from Columbus, Kansas. Whew! I said that all in one breath. I’ve rented and lived in an apartment from the day I graduated high school until now (about 11 years). Does anyone want to figure out how much money that is in rent? Way. Too. Much. And I don’t have a dang thing to show for it. As any normal 29-year-old would, I began looking for something to buy. Something I could own and do what I wanted with. With it just being myself and my trusty companion, Winston, we didn’t need much. I scoured the internet looking for a reasonably sized house that wouldn’t trap me beneath a huge mortgage. What I found wasn’t appealing. As I sat at my parents’ house, I asked my Dad, “What if we just built a tiny house here and I towed it up there?”

The ensued the search for some land. Not wanting to deal with adding utilities, I began looking for older or abandoned mobile homes that were end-of-life and could be torn down. What I could find wasn’t in an ideal location. I came to realize that most land was turned into housing developments with the same large houses that stored stuff that people didn’t need, and the same large price tags that didn’t interest me.

By fate, (or Shelly Kueny’s creative tactics), I met Brady. I had designed my first home model (Malcom) and was still searching for a place to put it. I had so much fun doing the design that on our first date I asked Brady what he thought about turning it into a business…


I’m Brady! I’m an entrepreneur, business analyst, consultant, business strategist and marketing guy for microMansions (so yes, I like numbers AND shiny things); lover of all things pizza, tournament fisherman, minimalist (working on it), golfer and Christian guy from McPherson, Kansas. I’m extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and am fascinated by the amount of creativity you can utilize to start and run a business. I’ve also always been curious by nature and, most all the time, ask too many questions so it’s a pretty good fit. I was fortunate to grow up in a family that encouraged me to be curious and think outside of the box (my parents are amazing that way).

I was exposed to home improvement at a young age. My parents bought a dairy barn that used to be a restaurant, threw this massive thing on a trailer, drove it 10 miles to McPherson, sat it on a foundation and spent the next couple of years renovating it as we lived in it. We also had the opportunity to flip a few houses recently. The last flip house we did, I roped Abby in to help pick out finishes. We soon realized we shared a passion for being creative and always seeking new and better ways to do something.

On our first date Abby mentioned a design for a mobile tiny house she had been working on and thought it might be a cool venture. My entrepreneurial and nerdy number juices started percolating and I thought that there might be an opportunity if we moved it off the wheels, like the barn, and placed them on a slab. After that, the ideas started flowing from us like ranch at a Buffalo Wild Wings on game day. They order extra when I come in… I know, I have a problem!

What if they were all in a community?
What if we could make the house buying and building experience simple and efficient?
What if they were affordable and energy efficient so people could live their lives and not be tied down by a mortgage?
What if there was free pizza for everyone!?! (just kidding, that was only a dream)

We got the check (mostly because we could tell the waitress was frustrated by how much free bread I was eating) and made the decision that we were going to pursue this dream with everything we had.

Two years later, here we are! Our dream is getting closer to a reality and we’re excited to share it with you.