Live Webinar – Q&A Recap

In case you missed it, below is a recap of the questions and answers discussed on our recent live webinar. If you have any additional questions, please contact us!


Question: How do I order a microMansion?

Answer: Send an email to to start your ordering process. Abby will setup a consultation call for you to select your finish options and any upgrades. When you are ready to move forward, a $5,000 deposit will be required and a contract will be signed.

Question: What does the $5,000 deposit give me?

Answer: The $5,000 deposit goes toward the overall price of your microMansion kit and secures your place in our production lineup.


Question: Can I purchase a microMansion kit in full now, but not be ready for it for a few months?

Answer: Yes, we will consider this on a project-by-project basis. We can discuss this during your consultation.


Question: What will I receive with my microMansion kit?

Answer: If you choose the base kit, you will receive exterior and interior wall panels (panels include exterior sheathing), batt insultation, windows, doors, pre-cut floor joists, rafters, and installation instructions. If you choose the full kit, you’ll receive the base kit plus exterior siding, flooring, cabinets, electrical fixtures and plumbing fixtures.


Question: How do I receive my kit?

Answer: The kit will come packaged on a 53′ truck. It will be organized so that when it’s stacked on your lot, the first panel you will need will be on top – ready to go! You or your contractor will be provided an equipment recommendation for unloading the kit and for installing the panels (if two story kit is selected).


Question: How should I prepare for my kit order?

Answer: It would be best if your foundation, slab or basement was done prior to shipment, so the kit doesn’t take up space on your site or sit out in the elements for too long. You’ll want to have the utilities ran as well.


Question: Does microMansions provide land for us to build these kits on?

Answer: No, we do not provide the land with the kit. We are happy to help connect you with a realtor to find the perfect piece of land. If we are developing land for a microManions community, then we will alert you to lots for sale within that development. At this time, we do not have any communities started.


Question: Am I able to finance a microMansion kit?

Answer: Yes. We do not provide financing through microMansions, but we have developed relationships with financial institutions who are happy to provide you a financing option. We can discuss this further in your consultation.


Question: Does microMansions offer a warranty on the kits?

Answer: We select products that have manufacturer warranties and are happy to facilitate claims with manufacturers if the product fails. Its common for a contractor to provide a 1-year warranty on the home they build. When selecting a contractor, you’ll want to ensure they offer a warranty for their work.


Question: Does microMansions build the kit for me?

Answer: No, we only build the kit and ship the kit to you. You’ll need to hire a local contractor to assemble and finish out your kit build. If you need help finding a contractor, we are happy to assist.


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