1 Bedroom

468 Sq. ft

1 Bathroom

Energy Efficient Windows

Spacious and serene, the Rip model is bathed in natural light, making it a haven for you and your houseplants.

Floorplan Details

The Rip house is compact and efficient, working wonderfully for those seeking a smaller space. This magnificent piece of craftsmanship features a loft bedroom with space for an integrated office or dressing room, a living room nook, an L-shaped kitchen with full-size appliances, a stacked washer/dryer closet, and a spacious bathroom with floor-to-ceiling storage. The Rip is an open, airy home designed for individuals or couples who want to save their hard-earned cash on energy bills and use it for enjoying the finer things that life has to offer. Our models also include some of the most energy-efficient European-style windows on the market.

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