Can I finance a tiny home from microMansions?

Yes, financing is available through our partner institutions. Contact us to learn more.

What permits will I need to build a tiny home?

Necessary permits will vary by location. It’s best to work with your build contractor to make sure all permits and legal requirements are arranged prior to construction.

How long does it take to build a microMansions kit?

A 6 week contractor schedule is provided. There are variables for each contractor, but 6 weeks is achievable.

How do I find a contractor to build my microMansions kit?

When you purchase a microMansions kit, we will assist you in finding the ideal contractor for your build! 

What is included in a microMansions home kit?

Each microMansions home kit will contain everything your contractor will need to complete the project including materials, appliances, detailed blueprints, and assembly videos.

Not included: Concrete for the foundation, landscaping, and furniture.

Are microMansions on foundations?

Yes.  All microMansions are built on foundations, much like a normal house.

How many microMansions can fit per acre?

There are a few variables, but in a traditional subdivision layout, there can be 6 microMansions per acre. In smaller “pocket” neighborhoods or infills, you can expect more density, depending on the site.

How much will it cost to build my home kit?

With a contractor’s assistance, it typically costs about $50-75,000 to build your tiny home kit from the ground up.

How much does a microMansions tiny home kit typically cost?

Most of our premium tiny home kits cost somewhere between $75-$85,000, though exact pricing will be available soon. This includes high-end finishes, windows, and also appliances.

Can I pick my own finishes?

We have hand-picked a selection of finishes and colors for you to choose from. You can mix and match from anything we have selected to fit your style and make your microMansion unique!

Can the layouts be modified?

The layouts of the homes cannot be modified, unless otherwise specified (Merlin). The homes are designed as a system. A simple wall change effects the heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical, as well as building codes, city plan review, etc.  This can greatly increase the cost of your home and the time it takes us to build it.


What is the square footage of your homes?

400 – 800 SF