Where is the Wichita, KS development located?

The Wichita development Home Base will be located at 143rd and E Harry St.

Will there be special assessments in the Home Base development?

Since the development is located within Wichita city limits it will have special assessments that the owner will pay.

Will there be a Homeowners Association for the Home Base development?

Yes.  The Homeowners Association will be a monthly fee that will include yard mowing for both yard and green space, trash services, and upkeep to community building.

What does the Home Base plat look like?

How much is the down payment/earnest money to reserve my lot for my microansion?

To reserve a lot for your microMansion you must deposit $1,000 earnest money to Security 1st title company.  The earnest money is held by the title company and will be applied to the purchase price of your microMansions.

This amount will also be kept by microMansions if one doesn’t follow through with purchasing a microMansion. Deposits can be placed on our “Down Payment” page. (Deposit functionality coming soon.)

Are the microMansions on foundations?

Yes.  All the homes will have their own land and will be on foundations. Much like a normal house….just you know, smaller and more awesome!

How many microMansions will there be per acre?

There will be 6 microMansions per acre in the Home Base development.