Live Webinar – Q&A Recap

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In case you missed it, below is a recap of the questions and answers discussed on our recent live webinar. If you have any additional questions, please contact us!   Question: How do I order a microMansion? Answer: Send an email to to start your ordering process. Abby will setup a consultation call for [...]

Building the First Prototype Kit

By |2022-12-05T12:29:46+00:00December 5th, 2022|

The experience to build our first prototype kit in my hometown. When delays hit on the business side of things, it’s only a matter of hours before I run into someone who proclaims, “Your house is going up quick! It looks so awesome!” and my spirits are lifted. I’m reminded that our purpose is greater [...]

Introduction to microMansions

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Hi, I'm Abby - Founder and Designer of microMansions. My hometown is Columbus, KS and I graduated from the Interior Design and Construction program from Pittsburg State University. Post graduation, I wanted to move to a big city and work for a big architectural firm but my path ended up in a smaller city, working for a small operation, building custom cabinets and managing projects [...]