Style + Size Simplified

Tiny home build kits that combine affordable living with luxurious interiors

Constructed in the same way as a traditional house, each microMansions tiny home kit has everything you need to connect with a contractor who will create your dream home.

Quality without compromise

microMansions are designed from the ground up with quality and energy-efficiency in mind. A home’s smaller size and community location shouldn’t reduce the build quality or the design process. In fact, these factors contribute to a premium home that finds clever ways to maximize space, and uses superior interiors that are stylish and long-lasting.

Homes that are built to last

The microMansions design process includes partnering with local, participating contractors to incorporate a high-quality build specification, including the same solid foundations you’d expect with a traditional home. microMansions supplies the kit and everything your contractor needs to bring the vision to life.

Energy efficient

Stylish yet sustainable, these homes are designed to decrease the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home by more than 40%. Years in the making, every single microMansions design is both environmentally and economically efficient.

microMansions are ideal for

First-time home buyers

Our kits create luxury tiny homes perfect for first-time buyers who are looking to stop renting and gain home ownership. That’s why we created microMansions – so you can create your very own space to call home.


microMansions are a great option if your family members have flown the nest or if you’ve decided to free-up some cash to pursue your passions in life. Our premium designs set us apart from the usual tiny home kits to give you a home that’s stylish on a smaller scale.

Affordable living while building equity

microMansions makes building your own home affordable. Our kits are competitively priced whilst still affording you all of the luxuries you’d expect from a high-end new house.

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